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Terms of Service

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Payment by Paypal, Ko-fi or Local bank transfer (Chile only)
Prices are listed in GBP and CLP
Payment must be always done beforehand to secure a slot
Prices are estimated and might change depending on the complexity of the characters
Due to current circumstances, I cannot give refunds. Please make sure you can comfortably afford a commission before making a request.

Will DrawWill not Draw
Any species and genderSevere gore or mutilation
Anthro or feral (SFW)NSFW or fetish art of any kind
Franchise inspired charactersAnything related to self harm or suicide
Blood and suggestive themesUnderage characters

Provide a visual reference for your character. Drawings from description will have an extra fee of 50% of the total price. Reference must be SFW or censored if NSFW
WIPs and updates will be sent regularly to the client
Asking for edits beyond the sketch phase will have a fee
I have a public queue. If the client decides to remain anonymous please let me know beforehand

I reserve the right to reject any commission that I'm uncomfortable taking


Commission Prices

Prices are in British Pound (GBP) and Chilean Peso (CLP)
* Prices in CLP are estimated and might change according to current conversion values

Headshot Sketches

TypePrice (GBP)Price (CLP)
Flat Colored£25$25.000

Half Body

TypePrice (GBP)Price (CLP)
Flat Colored£40$40.000

Reference Sheet

The total price for a reference sheet will depend of the amount of add ons the client wishes to have. Info box is included for free.

Add OnsPrice (GBP)Price (CLP)
Full body view£50 each$50.000 c/u
Headshot£20 each$20.000 c/u
Chibi full body£25 each$25.000 c/u
Item£10 each$10.000 c/u



Telegram - @churrokat
Twitter - @_churrokat
Discord - @churrokat
Email - [email protected]

Keep in mind non work related messages or "hello" with no follow up will be ignored

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